Denture Repair

Overview: If you have dentures then you’ll know just how important they are for your day to day activities. In this blog we’ll find out more about what dentures are, what they do and how to take care of them.

Dentures are commonly made from either acrylic or metal and since they are constantly being exposed to a wet environment they take quite the beating. They are also subject to wear and tear from eating and talking and as such are working overtime daily.

How Do Dentures Become Loose?

The mouth and jaw are a physical marvel with many moving parts and angles and with time, the mouth will shows signs of change. Even though subtle, these changes can result in dentures becoming loose which will ultimately lead to them falling out and potentially breaking.  Other factors like weight loss and illness can impact how dentures fit.

When Are My Dentures At Most Risk of Being Damaged?

Not surprising, dentures are in the most peril when they are not firmly in place in your mouth.  Sitting in that glass at the edge of your nightstand is an accident waiting to happen.  And simply cleaning them over a sink can be a risky activity.

How Do I Keep My Dentures Safe?

Take Care! Dentures (partial, full or implants) require daily cleaning like your real teeth to minimize the buildup up plaque and bacteria.  Routine gentle brushing will keep them pearly white and stain free.  When cleaning them over a sink it is wise to have a soft towel beneath to cushion any falls.  Always keep dentures moist so they don’t dry out and place them in a safe place for the night.

Bottom Line:  Accidents happen. The good news is that there is a Denture Superman just a phone call away who can help. Linda Veal Denture Clinic in London has the ability to repair and fix your dentures so that you can get on with your regular schedule.

While many broken dentures can be repaired in the same day, it is still important to make sure that the denture repair solution you get will last. Additionally, as your mouth changes, your dentures will need to be refitted to better suit your gums. As well, like real teeth, dentures break down and will need to be relined/rebased, replaced (after 5-7 years) and have regular tune ups.

For more information on affordable dentures and denture repair in London, contact Linda Veal Denture Clinic 519 858-9700